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 Annual Quilt Show

Decatur Public Library’s annual Quilt Show displays quilts created by local artisans. The show accepts either old and new quilts, hand or machine stitched.  You may submit a quilt you’ve created or one that you own.

Space is limited for our Quilt Shows, so quilts are accepted for display on a first come, first served basis when submissions are open.  Each Quilt Show has two types of awards:

Viewers’ Choice Awards

The public can vote for their favorite quilt throughout the course of the show.  Ribbons are awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners.

Pictorial Quilt Awards

The Pictorial Quilt Prizes are awarded in memory of Reta Ridling and is courtesy of the Ridling family.  The winners are decided by a judge and are not voted on by the public.

To qualify for the pictorial awards, a quilt must feature figurative or representational pieces depicting a scene or subject, having the look of a photograph or painting.

Must have 3 layers (quilt top, layer of filling and a backing) that are quilted together.

          • 1st place – $150
          • 2nd place – $100
          • 3rd – $50

DPL & the Ridling family reserve the right NOT to award prizes if there are not eough qualifying entries.

If you need more information or have questions, contact the Marketing & Outreach office at 256-340-5780 to speak with Rhonda or Stephanie.

2022 Quilt Winners

Thank you to EVERYONE who shared their beautiful quilts with us.