Decatur Public Library

504 Cherry Street
Decatur, Al 35601

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 Use Our Computers

Public Computers

Decatur Public Library has:

  • 14 public computers & 6 scanners in the main area; 3 public computers in Youth Services
  • All have printer access (black & white and color printouts available)
  • All have Microsoft Office 2019 & internet access
Your library card allows you 2 hours of computer time each day which can be used all at once or in increments throughout the day.
A valid library card is required to use our computers.   If you do not have a Decatur Public Library card, please check with the Public Services Desk for a computer card.

Computer Rules

  • Only 2 persons allowed at a computer at one time.
  • No one may use another person’s card number to access a computer.
  • Only software owned and installed by the library may be run on any of the public computers.  No one may load software from any source or change any settings.
  • To save a document you will need a USB flash drive.

Computer Printouts

  • All computer printouts are available on 8.5 x 11 paper, only.  Black & white prints are 20¢/page; color prints are $1/page.
  • When printing from a library computer, use the “Print Preview” function to see how many pages are in the document and how the document will look.
  • Methods of a payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

Printing Process-from library computers

  1. Select print on the computer and follow the prompts.
  2. Pay for and pick up your prints at the Public Services Desk.  (Print jobs are retained in the system for two hours.)

Printing Process-from your phone/device

Send an email with what you want to print to:   If you would like your print to be in color, please let us know in your email.  Each email has a limit of 5 attachments or 20 pages, total.

Come to our Public Services desk and let us know that you have sent items to be printed from your personal device.  (Items will not be printed until you come to the Public Services desk and pay for them.  They will be deleted at close of business or when you pick them up, whichever comes first.)

Pay for and take your prints (black & white prints are 20¢/page; color prints are $1/page).