Abby In Neverland / by Mlynowski, Sarah
Sonic and the Tales of Terror / by Phegley, Kiel
Beware the Moonlight / by Deen, Natasha
Timothy of the Cay / by Taylor, Theodore
Welcome to the Island / by Costa, Dela
The Secret Cabana / by Costa, Dela
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 : by Phegley, Kiel
Deep In the Rain Forest / by Costa, Dela
The Ghost Tree / by Deen, Natasha
Toy Story That Time Forgot
Alabama by Lusted, Marcia Amidon
Beethoven's 2nd
Understanding Emotions / by Chang, Kirsten
A Trip to the Hospital by Chiu, Freda
Matilda [with]
Sporty Sprite / by West, Tracey
Sky High
Don't Go Near the Water! / by Deen, Natasha
Howl's Moving Castle
Animated Family Favorites :
Tiger Lily and the Secret Treasure of Neverland / by Dimaline, Cherie
The Snatcher of Raven Hollow / by McMann, Matt
We the People and the President : by Creek, Pj
Me and the World : by Trius, Mireia
Extra Life : by Johnson, Steven
Friiight Night by Stine, R. L