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Decatur, Al 35601

Currently Open

A year long reading challenge for busy adults inspired by the 1920s

 You choose the level of challenge that fits your goals.


Read the books you choose from DPL that fit challenge prompts.


How does the challenge work?

Read the rules


If you are interested in signing up, please contact

Rhonda or Stephanie in the Marketing & Outreach department. 

Our schedule varies, so if you are coming to the library to see us, please contact us ahead of time to be sure we will be in the building. 



Call:  256-340-5780

We look forward to meeting you!


2023: REaD, White & Blue
2022: A Reading Season
2021: Cast of Characters
2020: Notes on Reading
2019: Bama: fact & fiction
2018: A Book Challenge
2017:  Reading Round-Up
2016: Authorian Challenge
2015: Hidden Treasures
2014: Trip In Time
2013:  Read the World