If you are looking for a good chill or thrill to start the fall season, celebrate Stephen King Week with us and read a book from the master! His birthday is Tuesday, September 21st, but we thought we would need at least a week to celebrate.  Download one of the activities, listen to an interview, watch a movie or TV show based on his work, and of course read a King book this week. 

As DPL Outreach Manager Rhonda Bolan put it:

“There are many reasons why Stephen King is one of my all-time favorite authors.  I have been reading his works since my early teens and he never fails to connect.  He has provided hours of entertainment enjoyment.  He has the ability to convince me of things I do not believe in every time I read one of his books.  In the sane light of day, there is no question vampires and alien beings do not exist in this world.  But open of his books and he sucks you into an alternate version where they are completely real and may even be your creepy neighbor.  The most horrifying of his works to me, however, are the ones that have no ‘supernatural’ bad guys; just humans who have given in to the evil that lives inside.”

Millions of readers agree.  Since his first novel was published some 40 years ago, Stephen King has been responsible for more than 50 international bestsellers.  Happy Stephen King Week!

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