Dungeons and drama / Kristy Boyce.
All this twisted glory / Tahereh Mafi
What the river knows / Isabel Ibañez.
Bravelands : thunder on the plains. Breakers of the code / Erin Hunter.
Fate breaker / Victoria Aveyard.
Five nights at Freddy
If only I had told her / Laura Nowlin.
Queen bee : an anti-historical Regency romp / Amalie Howard.
Michael Vey. The traitor / Richard Paul Evans
A Fragile Enchantment / Allison Saft
Breathe and count back from ten / by Natalia Sylvester
Hooky. Volume 3 / Míriam Bonastre Tur
Star Wars. The Mandalorian : the manga. Volume 1 / adapted by Yusuke Osawa ; translation, Caleb Cook ; retouch & lettering, Brandon Bovia.
The prisoner
Reggie and Delilah
Five nights at Freddy
Always Jane / Jenn Bennett.
Pilar Ramirez and the escape from Zafa / Julian Randall
Lady of disguise / Melanie Dickerson.
Curious tides / Pascale Lacelle
Demon slayer. 19, Flapping butterfly wings / Koyoharu Gotouge
Tilly in technicolor / Mazey Eddings.
One girl in all the world / Kendare Blake.
Her radiant curse / Elizabeth Lim
House of roots and ruin / Erin A. Craig
Never a hero / Vanessa Len
Secrets never die / Vincent Ralph.